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An independent, URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy

In a high-touch industry like specialty pharmacy, your patients deserve to be treated like family. Built on a 120+ year foundation as an independent, family-owned pharmacy, WB Rx Express has a proven track record of better patient outcomes, adherence to medication schedules and ease of navigation for patients and pharmacy benefit managers alike.

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We provide patients with many of the top specialty medications, limited-distribution drugs and infusion therapies. We’re always growing — give us a call if you don’t see your patient’s medication on the list.
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High-touch care with a personal touch.

People living with complex health conditions deserve someone in their corner. As an independent specialty pharmacy, WB Rx Express gives your patients direct access to a team of specially trained pharmacists who have their back every day.

It’s necessary for specialty pharmacies to provide a higher level of treatment for patients so desired outcomes are achieved. “WB Rx Express shows a dedication to patient education and safety through the recognition of quality it received with URAC’s independent accreditation”, said URAC President and CEO Shawn Griffin, M.D. With URAC accreditation, people know that WB Rx Express strives to adhere to industry best practices.

WB Rx Express offers individualized care programs for more than 40 therapeutic categories. Our pharmacists will monitor your patient’s disease state, offer medication counseling, and personalize their care plan to maximize quality of life.

Better care. Better outcomes.

Our patient management program makes it easy for your patients to stick to their treatment. Through drug utilization review, we call each patient every month to check in with patients at risk of non-adherence, monitor their disease state, and set care goals for their quality of life.
  • Refill reminders
  • Therapy training and counseling
  • Help navigating insurance
  • Financial assistance
  • Industry-leading turnaround time

Complex disease states. Simple navigation.

Your patients have enough on their plate. We make it easy to manage, refill and get information about their medications, however it’s most convenient for them. And with pharmacists available 24/7, they can have their questions answered day or night.
  • Telehealth — A specialty pharmacist is always just a call away. Your patients have our full support, 24/7.
  • Patient portal — See prescription statuses, tracking information and educational videos through our online patient portal.
  • Mobile app — Our mobile app lets your patients access their patient portal and easily message a pharmacist.
  • Texting programs — Your patients can save time when refilling by signing up for our secure texting program.
  • Mail Order — With automatic refills and a 90-day supply, your patients never have to worry about running out of your medications again.

Support for patients. And for payers.

WB Rx Express is a partner in the care of your patient. We securely and transparently communicate with your patient’s care coordinator on prior authorization, progress updates and more.

Our quality management program meets quarterly to follow up on performance indicators and improvement activities. We’re always working to do better and be the best partner we can be for pharmacy benefit managers and your patients.

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Williams Bros. Health Care Pharmacy has been a family-owned, independent pharmacy for more than 120 years. When you choose WB Rx Express as your preferred specialty pharmacy, we take care of your patients like they’re family.
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